Sunday Supper Club

at The Reserve

Michael & Mikayla Llanos Founders of the Club

When Mike and I bought our home in The Reserve, we were so thrilled to meet our neighbors! Everyone was so kind and from all over the US with plenty of stories to tell and floorplans to compare. With so many new names and faces, we knew this community was perfect for us! So, we wanted to combine our two favorite things.... people and food! What better way to get to know our neighbors than Sunday Supper.... and another club was born! See you soon, m

August 28, 2022 Hosts

Event Date: August 28 Theme: None! Let's just do this! Diner entry = 1 assigned dish

Robin Manley & Paul Jenkins

Mike & Mikayla Llanos

Salena & Tom Day

Jackie & Roger Wilson

September 18, 2022 Hosts

Event Date: September 25 Theme: National Talk Like A Pirate Day Diner entry = 1 assigned dish

Bob & Mary Capra

Robin Manley & Paul Jenkins

Cheryl & Art Karstaedt

October 23, 2022 Hosts

Event Date: October 23 Theme: Oktoberfest Diner entry = 1 assigned dish

Bob Finn & Suzanne Pearlman

Loretta & Tony Llanos

Salena & Tom Day

Steve & Patty Sieck

December 11, 2022 Hosts

Event Date: December 11th Theme: Celebrations Diner entry = 1 assigned dish

Bob & Mary Capra

Melody & Neil Camas

Mikayla & Mike Llanos